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The charm of the mountain in the Vosges

The Hermitage site


Cross-country skiers can access 16 km of trails divided among three courses: “La Futaie” (11 km), a red course linked to Bussang; “La Ronde Bruche” (4 km), a blue course; and “Les Buttes”, (1 km), a green course that is also used by the ski schools. Snowshoers have two circuits available to them – “L’Orbi” (4.5 km) and “Le Vaxelaire” (7 km). They can also take their first steps on the beginners' snowshoe circuit (800 m).

The village

During your stay at the Hotel Les Buttes, take some time to visit the pretty village of Ventron. At 640 m above sea level, it has all the charm of low mountain villages where traditional and agricultural customs are still upheld. Ventron is above all famous for the Ermitage Frère Joseph chapel, built in memory of Pierre-Joseph Formet, a hermit who lived for thirty years in the village and whose generosity was widely recognised. He was declared venerable by Pope Leo XIII in 1903.

Places to visit

A stone’s throw from the hotel, attractions and other places of interest abound. In the village, the Musée du Textile, located in an old weaving factory, invites you to discover the history of the traditional manufacture of thread and fabric. In the centre of the village, you can discover unique items made by different craftspeople in the Maison Artisinale. Not to miss, on the outskirts of the village, on the road leading to the Grand Ventron, the ferrous spring whose water has the characteristic brick red colour of iron oxide.